There is a cure for [insert disease name here] but …

Conspiracy theories. Despite logic and reason, they seem to live and breath and spread, infiltrating our “news” and belief systems almost like they had a life of their own. Did man really walk on the moon or was it all filmed in some Hollywood film studio? Is the earth flat? Do vaccines cause autism? Was 9/11 an inside job? Are there cures for diseases but big pharmaceuticals are suppressing them?

I recently had a debate on a Facebook Group I’m a member of where a member (quite a few members, actually) contended that there was already a cure for type 1 diabetes, but that pharmaceuticals made too much money from the treatment, so the cure would never be released. As a person with type 1 diabetes, I’ll use this as the main disease discussed in this post, but it could just as easily be any type of cancer, MS, etc.

Quotes from this specific Facebook group conversation include:

“I’m pretty sure there is a cure but it’s being suppressed.”

“I think they know cures for many things but it generates money for them so they don’t announce it :(“

“Haha haven’t any of you heard of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)? Anyone working for any company sits, bound by an NDA… if they speak, they can be sued for millions upon millions of dollars. Most scientists dont (sic) have to money to break an NDA. And this goes for poor researchers. Their “investors” own the findings.”

“I doubt we ever will… there’s too much money to be made. The health and pharmaceutical industry only cares about profiting off our lives and getting money in their pocket.”

For an online community with nearly 10,000 members, there were surprisingly few voices opposing this conspiracy theory!

So let’s ask some questions.

  1. One Facebook group member insinuated that it was a “well known fact” that cures would never be released. So, my question is, if that was true, and it’s well known, why are there still medical researchers and scientists? Who would enter any field of medical research knowing that it’ll be completely irrelevant? The short answer I, is no one! The long answer is nooooo onnnnnnnne! I would imagine that the scientist who discovers the cure to type 1 diabetes (or any disease) would be celebrated around the world! He or she would be win both financially and professionally. Imagine the speaking tours, job offers, books written! Imagine – a Nobel prize! That might be worth a value of approximately $1.4 million, give or take (based on 2009 value). This, I would think, would be the holy grail of the medical research world. And would the title or the money be what you’d value the most?
  2. Obviously, researchers and scientists have diseases too, as do their family members and close friends, right? So, let’s say a researcher and their team find a cure for T1 diabetes and, oops, one of them or a family member has T1 diabetes. They’ve signed that darned Non-Disclosure Agreement though! So, “sorry family member/friend. I have the cure, which I can’t even tell you about, never mind offer it to you, or I’ll get sued!” The super human ability everyone would require keeping his a secret like this, is quite frankly, impossible.
  3. Do cures come about without human trials? I don’t know this 100%, but I’m going to say no. I mean, how could you determine something to be a cure if it hasn’t been tested on humans. So, let’s say that I’m asked to be a member of trial for a potential cure for type 1 diabetes. Now, my whole family and most of my friends know that I have it. They’ve seen me give myself needles or suffer through a hypoglycemic event. They’ve seen me check my blood sugar. But, through my participation in this trial, I am cured! No more needles, no more hypoglycemia/hyperglycemia events. No more preplanning every single meal or snack, no more finger sticks to check my blood sugar levels so many times throughout the day! Yes! Let’s celebrate! Oh wait – I’ve signed an NDA too so I can’t tell anyone. What to do, what to do? I guess I could fake it for the rest of my life and pretend that I still have it in order to honour my NDA? But, wow, would that be a pain in the a$$! I’m not even sure I could sustain that act for a few decades. Maybe the pharmaceuticals would just pay off everyone I know? But then, they’d have to also pay off all the other trial participants, plus their family and friends. And don’t forget the nurses, any of all our collective family doctors, endocrinologists, the medical office staff who maintain our medical records, maybe even the pharmacists and their staff! And don’t forget the lab that takes our 3 month A1C blood tests. How much will all this cost?

To wrap up, the entire notion that cures exist but are not being made available to the public is just pure rubbish. There is money to be made in cures. And if, just if, this whole conspiracy were true, it would be tantamount to medical genocide. I don’t buy any of it. I’m sure I’m not alone.

Heather Murray