You likely know this already, but here are four reasons why being a member of EHC is a good thing:

      1. Ownership – it’s a way of saying I care about this, I want to have a say in how this goes forward. Membership gives you a voice in the democratic running of your local Humanist community. It’s ours, together, to shape, and grow.
      2. Identity – Taking a stake in EHC is identifying yourself with a vital cause. It demonstrates your solidarity with like-minded people, and even if you choose to remain unnamed, you are present with us as we stand up for a more equal, just, and thoughtful world.
      3. Support – As a social species we recognize the need to be connected, to know others and be known. Membership in EHC is a commitment to community where non-religious people can experience support and friendship in a safe setting.
      4. Funds for change – as an all-volunteer effort we have only modest expenses. Membership fees and donations cover the cost of our meeting space, publicity materials, our Humanist booth at Summer in the City and things like copies and office supplies. Thank you for choosing to be a part of EHC!

Please take a moment to read our Harassment Policy.

Memberships are available to all adults who are in support of the mission statement and who pay the annual membership fee. The cost of membership is $20 for individuals and $30 for households. This may be paid at our monthly meetings or online below.

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